MBA in Pokhara University

The educational market, (some may say education cannot be profit oriented business, but I am disagree with this because it is expanding widely all over the world that education is the most profit gaining service business) is introducing a new type of pedagogical approach to educate university students in a very practical and business goal oriented methodology.MBA is attracting many students. What are the main factors beyond this? I am trying to share briefly on it.

Although the degree is considered the pathway to a successful career, it still does not guarantee a flood of job offers, but when one considers the positive options, it far outweighs the negative issues. MBA is a costly course in the present education system and the time constraints that are associated with the study load are legendary. Here are some facts that MBA aims to achieve in Pokhara University;
§ Career advancement
§ Set your own business
§ Change your career
§ Develop technical skill and knowledge in business
§ Become a leader- corporate leader
§ Become a good manager in a business house/ organizations/ corporations
§ Good communication skill
§ Make good personal and corporate relations/ HR knowledge
§ To establish good organizational system
§ Networking- among people
§ To become a good citizen and do something for you, your family, society, your country and the world
§ To know that the world is a global village

My advice to you:
Approach the studies with an open mindset and let your intentions be to develop yourself to your full capacity. Accept the program as a challenge, set your personal as well as career objectives and, most importantly, utilize the Masters of Business Administration degree to close gaps that may exist within your skills and qualifications, so that you can facilitate and expedite your management career.
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