Kale dai in Tokyo

PRAVA, (marketed as KALE DAI) an awaited Nepali film has been released. This film is a suspense thriller film, and a little bit different than stereotypes that you might have on Nepalese films.

Casts: Namrata Shrestha,Koshish Chhetri, Mala Limbu,Keshav Bhattrai, Jebicca Karki, Amitesh Shah, Priya Rijal,Shreyansh Timilsina, Pawan Shakya

Producers: Nikita Poudel, Subas Giri

Director: Dinesh Raut

Namrata Shrestha is back on the big screen this weekend, she sported a sleek look- with her hair tied in a bun and seems as if she wore a silver dress.

We have shared the trailer for PARVA below; it has definitely caught my attention. I can’t wait to see this film in Tokyo in coming JUNE 4th Sunday in Meguro Kunming Hall Tokyo. The show is organized by SOLMARI GROUP OF RESTAURANTS. Everyone is making profiles in their social sites to promote the event. I am going there, are you coming?

लौ आयो है पर्ब हेर्ने दिन-

जुन ४ मेगुरो कुमिन सेन्टर 

काले दाइ काले दाइ

See the trailer for PARVA…

The film has made a big brand with its hit song KALE DAI; and started a good business in Nepal after the premier show. The hit song is linked below. See Nischal Basket and Maha Limbu…


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