Cup Noodles: Lovin` it!!

Hot soup and oisiii ramen!!!

The water is steaming from the cup of noodles.!!! DAISUKI!!!

Do you like to have noodles as a fast food? Yes!? Then you have to visit once- the cup noodles museum in Yokohama.

How to get there?

The noodles museum is pretty much equal  far from – Minatomirai OR Bashamichi stations on the train, which takes 8 minute walk from each. If you are bussing in you can take the Akai kutsu bus and get off at the Kokusaibashi Cup noodles museum-mae stop.

Hey Cup noddles lovers; This is a must see museum that give a full and inspirational history about how these noodles created and-  what was the obstacles faced by the person who invented it. This place has also a sample cup noodles bazar and cup-noodles-park.

The red brick buildings: The two red brick buildings built in 1911 and 1913 made me to think of the historical days of this area. The sea side and the large squares with restaurants of delicious beers. Waw!!!




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